Thursday, October 14, 2010

The museum!

I love living so close to so many great things! Today we took a trip the the discovery gateway museum!
Everybody had a great time!
Millie is home cooking while Jack is working!

Jack and Millie are practicing for when they get married!

When he gets home, he will  help
with house work of course!
Hard at work!
The water feature was a hit for sure!
Jake helping Jack with the balls!

Loving the water!

Millie taking after her mama and
growing some veggies of her own!

getting warm by the fire!
Jack thought the ball area was the best thing EVER!
He wanted to climb in and out of the part the balls fell into!

And some more!

READY for some MILK and NAPS!
Mama is ready for that too!

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Nicole said...

So who is Jack and why are you replacing him as Millie's future husband? I thought that had been pre-arranged as Toby... ;)