Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1st grade!

WHAT?? My baby started 1st grade? How does time go by so fast? It completely blows my mind to watch Jake walk into first grade backpack, lunch bag, and all.... It seems like yesterday I was coming home from the hospital with him... Is he really old enough for this? He is, just ask him.
My perfect Jake! He is such a smart little boy, he is so independent that sometimes it scares me. He loves all sports, currently he is playing soccer, baseball, ice-hockey, and LOVES skateboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter! He excels in everything he tries! He loves clothes, shoes and anything that has to do with fashion! From a very young age he insisted on picking out what he would wear and what he wanted to buy and it has not changed! He loves to swim, he is a little fish! He loves to play outside no matter what the temperature is, cold or hot! He wants a little brother or sister so much he can barely stand the wait! Jake is so lovable and outgoing, his dimples will melt your heart! He has so much love and tells me all of the time out of the blue, "mommy I just love you so much!" He is VERY passionate with most things in his life! I LOVE THIS KID! I am so excited to watch him continue to grow and develop!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Our weekend project

I am sure you all have some sort of little project around the house that never seems to get finished! We talk about it every week and know it will take little time and money but for one reason or another months pass with no accomplishments. So this weekend I woke up and said, "Come on, we are going to Lowe's and finishing these darn shelves!" The wonderful husband I have happily agreed and off we went. About $20 and 2 hours later mission accomplished! I can't explain why this takes so much stress away and makes me happy when I open the closet but it does!
Thanks Brad!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The boxing match!


Our boys are little fish! They climb up on the rock and DIVE off... I don't even dare do it, it's a lot higher up then you think! They can also hold their breath for a very long time!

One last summer sha-bang!

Xander enjoying the ride!
Ahhh the life!
Kenna, Xander and Jake. (Hi Katherine in the background!)
As you can see, we all got to enjoy the ride while brad being the nice daddy and hubby that he is pulled us all along the river for 2 hours... We all had to dodge a few trees from time to time. (look in the background, you will see me in that very predicament.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well if you haven't heard already...... I am pregnant! Yes, we were trying, and we are very excited! Someone should have told me the 2nd time around would be a WHOLE different experience. I am barely moving past my 1st trimester and already I have gained 15 pounds. That did not happen with Jake, of course I was a little chunkier when I got pregnant with Jake then I was with this one, but COME ON.... 15 POUNDS?? Oh well, I guess your body does what it is supposed to do! Also I did not show with Jake until I was about 4 1/2- 5 months pregnant, I remember my clothes getting tight at about that stage... Well not this time around.. I think my clothes were tight before I peed on the stick! I am Already popping out and was right from the beginning... Ya know? Right at the point that people are wondering if it is a food baby or in fact a real one?? It is a struggle each and every day for me to get dressed, I sit in front of my closet and wonder what in the world I will wear today, I already have 2 pairs of maternity shorts I am rotating between, its a good thing shirt styles are longer and flowier then they use to be! A lot of things feel a lot different this time around! I am just enjoying the new ride! Hey at least I do not get the least bit sick with my pregnancies!
And yes, my boobs are huge as well, something that did not happen the first time around. Looks like I have 2 prego bumps!