Thursday, September 29, 2011



We are starting to reap the benefits of our garden!!!

It is really interesting how Millie will eat ANYTHING that we pull out of our garden! She will not do the same if we buy it from a store!

Jake and Millie both want to go check how everything is growing daily and want to pick the veggies that are ready! Love what my kids are learning!   



Practicing with the Utes!!

We get to have so many great experiences living this close to the U!
Jake's team got invited to attend a Utes practice where they had the opportunity to watch their practice, get autographs, and practice with them.

Jake had a blast as I'm sure all of the other boys did too!



The sea of boys!

Why aren't you sleeping?

I put Millie to sleep and about an hour into it I heard some noise in her room so I peeked in to check things out...

MOM: MILLIE, why aren't you sleeping?

MILLIE: Because!

Okay... Well there you have it, any more questions???

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What is wrong with most of you!!?? LOL.
So obvious to me, maybe you guys are looking in the wrong place? Here is a picture with the arrow.

Can't you all see the two femur bones with little boys parts between? I knew before the doctor said a word!

I am totally surprised and excited. I have felt so much different this pregnancy, I was happy I had something to blame it on...Those stinkin boys :)

Now I can't reuse all the millions of clothes and shoes I have for Millie:(
I'll get to shop some more on the bright side :)

Where will I put a boy? I was going to have a girl share a room with Millie.

What in the world will I name him??? Boys names are SOOO hard to me! I do not have one single name I even kind of like.

We are done having kids so it's super fun to have one of each from our marriage!!

Millie is so perfect to us:) She is so fun, sassy, cute, smart, opinionated, determined, and we are both SOO in love with her that this way another girl will not have to compete!

Excited to see what kind of boy we make! Brad is really excited for a little man!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a ??????

Well??? What does everyone think?

Millie's ultrasound

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gum on leather....

If your darling 2 year old decides she doesn't want her gum anymore and then your darling 9 year old sits in it and smears it all around on your new leather car seats then I have a trick for you!

I was so mad and tried several things. Then I found this trick...

To remove gum from leather car seats, first remove as much as you can with your fingers, gently, so you don't spread it out more. Then get clear Scotch tape or packing tape and use the tape to pick up the remaining gum. You may go through a lot but all the gum will come out. Works like a champ.

SERIOUSLY!! Everyone who commented said it worked so I thought I'd give that a try as well, nothing else was working. New as ever!!! It worked AMAZING!!!!

I love the Internet!