Monday, March 29, 2010

Jake is how old???

I just can't believe my first born baby will be 8!!?? Time goes by too fast.

Here is a little about Jake.

  • Jake has such a compassionate/tender heart.
  • He wants to do things all year for kids less fortunate.
  • He watches out for kids that don't have friends and he includes them!
  • He is the best eater on this planet, he eats more than a grown man and eats very healthy! He will choose veggies over candy any day, he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.
  • He has lost 8 teeth so far and 6 adult teeth have grown in.
  • He loves babies and asks about once a month if we can have at least 7? He loves Millie SO much! He helps out so much and she loves him!
  • Jake loves every sport! Some of his favorites are baseball, soccer, basketball, ice-hockey, basketball, wrestling and motocross!
  • Jake would live outside if I let him. He wants to be outside playing...... Rain or shine.
  • Jake has just started scouts and he LOVES it... He asks everyday "how many more days till scouts?"
  • Jake has A LOT of spirit:) He has a very strong opinion about most things!
  • Jake is VERY determined. Determined to win, determined to get his way. Just DETERMINED.
  • Jake has a very strong fashion sense! He comes home from school regularly with brands of clothing written down on a piece of paper. He likes something someone is wearing so he checks the tag and writes it down so I can buy it:)
  • Jake is a happy, talented 8 year old and I love him more than words can say!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I just got done talking to Jake's teacher............
Jake's explanation of why he is always late.

"My mom sleeps instead of cooking me breakfast and my dad sits in the truck and texts instead of driving me to school on time, so that's why I am always late."

I must admit that he is not on time every day... But Brad drops him off most days on time.... So WHAT IS JAKE DOING in the morning?? My guess probably playing.

Let me just set the record straight...... Jake gets a gourmet breakfast of eggs and toast, egg in a basket, or an egg mcmuffin EVERY MORNING. Yes I hate the mornings but I get up. Maybe not the same time as Jake and Brad because I don't have to get ready...But in time to make breakfast for everyone before they leave.
What a FART.
I have suggested to Jake a few times that he just has cereal and he looks at me with the most disgusted face saying, WHAT?? Mom??? I cannot remember the last time that boy ate cereal?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Funny things about Jake!

I keep forgetting to blog about my funny little Jake.

1. Jake came home from school the other day as he has in the past with a piece of paper. On that piece of paper it said "The Children's place" I asked him what it was.

JAKE: Oh ya, my friend had on a really cool shirt, I really want it and that is where he got it. It was blue and they have more colors, it was like crumbly.

MOM: (laughing) Ok, so did you just ask him where he got it?

JAKE: Ya, but he didn't know so I looked at the tag.

MOM: Laughing... Ok let's look at it...

So i looked it up online and the "crumbly" was linen, was on sale and really cute!

The funniest part of this whole story is me imagining Jake at the playground when all the other kids are running around playing and Jake checking kids clothing tags, and then running to get a piece of paper to jot it down!!

What can I say... The boy has a sense for fashion!

2. Jake is learning about graphing things in school (Example: Sarah has 12 roses, Tom has 7 daisies, Martha has 18 tulips.... How many more flowers does Martha have than Tom? How many flowers all together... And so on.)

As I was checking his homework there was a question where he had to make up his own graph. I should have taken a picture but it went a little something like this:

Mom wants 2 babies

Dad wants 1 baby

Jake wants 7 babies (down from the usual 10)

How many more babies does Jake want than dad??

Oh boy.... I laughed and laughed, showed Brad and we laughed some more!

I told Jake he could have as many babies as his little heart desired when he is married!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Millie is one!

Millie is one! I cannot believe it has been one full year since her beautiful little face entered our world! Bring on the bullets!

  • Millie's stat were: ***18.9 lbs. (25th %)*** and *** 27 3/4 tall (50-75th %)***
  • Millie is so much fun. she is so full of personality and energy. She rarely makes any noise, she just walks around exploring! She is a joy to the whole family! She knows when we are laughing at her which encourages her to keep doing whatever it is she is doing because now she has an audience!
  • Millie loves animals! But especially dogs! We got a membership to the zoo so we can have some serious fun this spring/summer!
  • Millie knows about 20 ASL signs! It has been so fun/neat to see how fast she picks them up! It seems like she learns a new one every other day! Here are the signs she knows: All done, ball, balloon, baby, bath, banana, bird, dog, dad, drink, eat, giraffe, hat, help, light, more, milk, shoe, signing time, train, and want. She laughs when I sign "no, no"
  • Millie has recently started letting us know when she does not agree with something with screaming and tantrums. They are cute to us... Ask me that same question in a few months:)
  • Millie loves her daddy! She signs dad all day long and looks at the door anticipating his arrival!
  • Millie loves to be outside and dives for the door when we get anywhere near it.
  • Millie hates getting her diaper or clothes changed. She does not like to be confined for any amount of time.. She is t00 busy.
  • Millie WILL NOT cuddle. Brad is very sad about this. She does not sit still and never has since she was about a month old.
  • Millie loves her family! She loves to play hide and seek with the boys and thinks they are so funny!
  • Millie loves books! Her favorite is: Goodnight Gorilla. I think it's boring, but she loves it! Probably because of the animals!
  • Millie loves babies and wants to carry around her little dolls, stuffed animals or Jake's guys! when I say "ohhhh, you love your baby!?" she hugs it and rocks whatever she has!
  • Millie loves to be out and about! She walks/runs everywhere now! Mommy thinks it is hard to be out and about now because Millie does not like to sit in the cart and would rather be exploring.
  • Millie loves to dance! Anytime music is on she bops and bounces to the beat!
  • Millie has 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 on bottom.
  • Millie loves to eat. She loves almost everything I put in her mouth!
  • Millie still nurses several times a day and we are in no hurry to stop anytime soon.

Bring on the pictures!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010