Monday, February 28, 2011

My baby is TWO!

How can this go by so fast! I feel like Millie was just born!
Now she is a spirited, sassy, independent, determined, two year old!
I taught her the sign for "happy birthday" and she is very proud of herself.

We have not been to the doctor yet so I do not know her stats. I will add them soon.

Millie is so fun/funny! she loves to be silly!
Millie knows a lot of sign language and Japanese and uses them daily. She can say pretty much anything you tell her to say.
Millie Millie is a very determined, smart, girl and gets exactly what she wants.
Millie LOVES animals and babies.
Millie LOVES dolls, purses and shoes:)
Millie loves to chew gum and loves suckers. I had to have an intervention on the candy giving the other day.
Millie has some sort of obsession with my sister Savannah. She asks about her ALL day long.
Millie loves to watch shows.... Currently in the lead: Yo gabba gabba and her Japanese video.
Millie loves to be outside, she is excited for the warm weather. (her mommy is too!)
Millie is OBSESSED with her blankie..And the tag on that blankie. She cannot do anything unless it is near. She has a maniac fit if I have to wash it.
Millie has decided "NO" is her favorite word and screams it all day long at everything. (annoying:)
Millie thinks everyone who is a mommy is her "mommy". Or maybe she just thinks that is a lot of peoples names?!
Millie is VERY coordinated! I am sure she will be a gymnast or athlete of some sort:)

We love this little saster and can't get enough of her! I could not imagine life without her and sometimes wonder what we did for entertainment before she was born!  Click for the whole photo shoot!

From this little peanut!

To this little sassy peanut!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Chocolate bears!

Millie ready to go see Jake.

"hello ladies!"

Decorating cookies.
An Oreo on top!

Jake's best friend!

Mommy helping.

The boys!

Jake has a SERIOUS crush on the girl
in the purple shirt!
I had to get a group picture so I would not
embarrass them:)
He even gave her a rose!
Not ganna lie... Pretty proud of the way these turned out!
I laugh every time  I look at them!

V-day Dinner! YUMMY!

Millie gave up on the long, eventful

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Outside weather!?

The weather was so nice a few weeks ago! No need for a jacket, even though we had snow on the ground still! (good old Utah!)
The kids had a blast running around in the sun....We are starting to crave the nice weather, I am sick of being inside all day.

Blowing a bubble

"OOK Mommy"

Golfing with a football!

Even Jake was enjoying the fun!

Playing catch with Jake.

Cute Millie!

Sandbox fun!

So fun!

And a bath + snacks to clean up the fun!

The childrens museum

I met my friend at the museum with her kiddies and we played for a little bit... This is when my camera started to not work well,  so I did not get that many pics.

Love you Heidi! Let's get together more often!

Here I go again....

I had to send my camera in to get repaired. It started taking out of focus pictures.
So I have it back and now I have a lot of posts.
Let's get this party started!