Saturday, May 23, 2009


Millie is getting blessed next Sunday and I wanted to get some cute pictures in her dress.
I cannot believe my little girlie is already 3 months!
I love this girl! I want to eat her up!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Millie LOVES her fingers... She will take whatever she happens to get into her mouth! These are the two she keeps getting, funny enough these are the two I sucked until I was 5!
* On a side note, Millie was making really cute noises while I was cooking dinner and I was talking back all cute~ I went in to talk to her because the noises were that cute and this is what I found..... Poor girl, she was saying "hello?? SOMEONE help me please!" LOL

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Brad got tickets for the Grand Prix Races in the VIP suites....Although this isn't exactly my thing, we decided the boys would probably love it, so we went! It ended up being super fun! The suites were full of yummy food, drinks, and treats! We also got to race the mini cars, The boys were not tall enough and Jake was very upset about that, but he got over it after I let them play in two that were getting repaired. There were some very typical "Grand Prix groupies!" I took some photos for your viewing pleasure!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

LaSt GaMe!

Jake had his last football game this evening... The boy LOVES sports, he just can't get enough!
Here he is proud with trophy in hand! And they won, which always makes things better!
On to soccer now!

Diaper Changing!

I heard the baby waking up from her nap today... Jake, as usual went to get her and when I came downstairs to see if everything was ok, this is what I found...
And this.
He is such a good boy and he loves his baby sister! I watched for a second, and he even got her rolls! I just had to give him a little instruction on making sure the diaper was up high enough!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


PICCADILLY PHOTOGRAPHY is running a MAY/JUNE special for family pictures.
It is only $50 with a $20 travel fee unless you go to her area (which might be better, she has some great places for photos in Payson.)
She usually shoots for a couple of hours and includes 20 of your best edited and on a CD.

Take advantage of this amazing deal!!
Check out her blog!


I love doing crafts~Sometimes I just need to finish what I start! Today I actually finished! I have studied all of the flowers and bows I run across and decided how hard can it really be?? So I went to D.I. today looking for a big ugly thing of silk flowers and that is exactly what I found:) So the crafts began! I have done a few already and have plenty of flowers to spare for future projects!! Or should I say outfits?! Cheap and fun to make your own!! I love having a girl!!!! I didn't think I would be a big flower/bow person... Turns out I am, I can't help it!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009




Jake came home from school today and let me know that he really feels like cutting his hair, he said it was getting hot and he was sweating a lot! He said he wanted to cut it in the summer and then grow it again in the fall and winter. So I took immediate action and we cut all of his long locks right off....The poor guy is having cutters remorse now, he says he likes it but now he wishes it was winter again so he could grow it with out being hot:)