Monday, May 24, 2010

Jake's new do!

Jake NEVER wants me to cut his hair when it is time for a trim... This time was no exception.
I told him he must because the sides are getting too long to flip and the front is in his eyes. He agreed and then told me that he wants something new! He said he didn't want it to flip anymore and he just wants it over is ears and pushed over. So we gave him a new do!!
I turned him around in the mirror after finishing and he gasped with excitement and said- "YES! That is exactly what I wanted, I look like Justin Bieber!" It is his goal to look like all the kids do on Disney and Nick! The bad part is that he would like me to do it every morning... That includes getting it wet, blow drying, straightening, swooping, and pomading:) My little stylish Jake!

Joke's over!

Ok.... hahahaha! But the joke is over now! I literally heard someone outside today shoveling the walks....Are you kidding me??? I hope you make it through the night little flower!
I will have to scrape my windows for sure!
All of my flowers I JUST planted... I hope they don't die.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance!

She can't help it...When Millie hears Music of any kind her body sways to the beat of the drum!!

No wait.... Come back!

The weather gave us a little tease last weekend! Soaking up some rays!
Millie the copycat!
Ring toss in the sprinklers with scuba gear of course!!

And then it rained... The End

Party time!

One of Millie's Boyfriends had his first birthday party and we got to go! We had a blast!

Friday, May 14, 2010

You know your divorced when.....

Jake started to tell me a story about his "step-coach" this afternoon.
Kind of sad and a little funny.

How is your morning going?

Millie DUMPED out, DANCED in, and then CLEANED up some GOLDFISH crackers:)

Totally excited about the vacuum we got her for Christmas!
(Thanks for keeping your eyes open for us Ashlee)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I would not wish divorce on my worst enemy... I struggle daily with the choices I made at a young age. Many times I wish I could take it all back, make it all go away.... And many times that I am thankful for the lessons I learned and continue to learn because of it.
It made me realize what I wanted and needed as a husband and father. It made me realize that I am a strong person and am capable of much more than I realize. It made me have a Jake!
But YES, it is very difficult every single day. Especially to see my sweet little boy sad because of the effect it has and continues to have each and every day.
To see how he feels so torn and so sad that we "just can't get along."
To hear to harsh words that are spoken.. (And I try my best to only speak positive despite what is thought.)
I was told i didn't deserve mother's day.. let alone to even be a mother today.... Hard to hear on your special day. What's even harder, is to see your little boy shed a tear and act sad all day because he heard the mean things that were said.
In a perfect world I would love a nice relationship... Even though it did not work out between us. I would even be grateful to have a business relationship. Nope, probably not the hand I was dealt. I do try.... Really hard! But for some reason it just isn't recognized:(
Maybe just for Jake??? One can wish and hope!
But I am so thankful that I have Brad who comforts me so much when I am down, who tries so hard to be supportive and lift my spirit and Jake's for that matter!
That's my vent for the week.