Monday, August 30, 2010

Millie's BF!

Millie and Jack LOVE each other!
Please notice how the popsicles change in the pictures!
Having a little Popsicle break together!!
Taking time for a little kiss, which they do all day long!

Today's lunch menu.....

Jake LOVES food! However, he does not like school lunch, so I make him home lunches. I bought a cute little book that helps with ideas so Jake and I had to sit down and come up with a new fun menu because sandwiches every day get kind of old!

This is what's on the menu for today!
Mesquite smoked salmon sushi roll with tamago(sweet egg) and avocado!
Mesquite smoked shrimp with sauce for dipping!

And some apples and a piece of zucchini cake!
 (Yummy recipe if anyone wants it!)

Today's forecast......

I just LOVE this weather!! Except that I slept in and Jake was late for school! It was dark, cold, and comfy in my bed..
So I forgot to wake up; oops.. Sorry Jake!
I LOVE when I can wear my rain boots!
The rest of this week is fall-ish weather!! Yippee!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


These are the BEST Popsicles for a toddler who wants them all day everyday!
They barely drip and I love the Minis for a smaller quicker version!
They are made with gelatin and somehow that makes them drip less!

Popsicle thank you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A reminder to mommies!

I am VERY cautious of what I have in Millie's room especially in her reach.. That is one thing that scares me a lot! I actually check on her so much that it is a problem. I am not sure when this could have  happened...BUT how in the world would I have EVER known that she would be able to rip a curtain and nearly strangle herself????? Thinking about what could have happened makes me feel sick.
Hopefully this is just a little reminder to make sure you check to see what your baby can get their hands on while in their cribs... I am VERY thankful that she was being watched over this time!
I told her there was a spider on the ceiling so she would look up.
Pottery Barn is getting a very serious letter from us!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

Love, Love, Love you Jake! But it is time for you to go back to school!!!!!!! I was getting very sick of trying to entertain an 8 year old all day and when I came up with things that sounded fun, he thought they sounded "stupid!"
SO THIRD GRADE.... Jake is coming for you today!
Jake was very excited to pick out his clothes and shoes that matched perfectly!! He also LOVES his new backpack that holds his skateboard!!

He was so cute and clearly excited, even though he said he wasn't! His teacher, Mrs. Barnett seemed REALLY nice, cute, and fun!

Potty Time!

Millie has been signing potty and bringing us diapers and wipes when she poops so we thought it was time to buy her a new potty!  This potty is actually really fun and cute!
I got it on amazon for cheaper than I could find it anywhere else and free shipping!!

Let the potty training begin!
  1. seat greets once sitting is complete.
  2. flushing knob rewards the job
  3. bowl knows when child goes.
Love this potty!
  • Product Features

    Teaches with encouraging phrases and rewards with song and stickers
    Parent-activated sticker dispenser and tracking chart rewards your child
    Flushing activates lights and sounds, seat sensor detects child and plays greeting
    Removable trainer seat fits adult toilet and removable bowl for easy cleaning
    Non-slip grip strips on base and deflector shield for boys

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Millie's bad behavior!

Millie has been acting CRAZY for a couple of days now... She is screaming for everything, grunting, whining, etc...  It has been SO annoying and I couldn't figure out what in the world was going on.
Yesterday I was brushing her teeth and I saw what was going on.... She is getting molars, and not just one or two but 4!!! 2 on top and 2 on bottom. 
Brad always said she was going to get them all at once because she still only has 5.
I guess we are going to have to deal with some CrAzY for a few more weeks i'm sure!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am starting a new blog on gardening! 
I have ALWAYS wanted to have a garden but thought it was not possible living in downtown salt lake.
Upon further research I found that I CAN have a garden no matter where I live!

Q: Do I know about vegetable gardens? A: No, but I am learning, and this is what this blog is about!

Come check it out...And hey, you can all do it too!!!

Here are a few facts!!

For a culture facing serious health, environmental and economic troubles, there''s never been a better time to plant a few seeds in your own backyard.

What it can do for you?

1.Improve my family's health.
2.Save money on groceries.
3.Reduce OUR environmental impact.
4.Get outdoor exercise.
5.Enjoy better-tasting food.
6.Build a sense of pride.
7.Stop worrying about food safety.
8.Reduce food waste

Growing fruits and vegetables seems overwhelming to most people, but it’s actually much simpler than it sounds. (Plus you don’t have to trade in your suburban or urban lifestyle for a life in the sticks in the name of self-sufficiency or savings.) All you need is a few square feet of the great outdoors, a water source, and a little time. Your grandparents did it, and so can you.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Canada!

I just returned home from a wonderful trip to see my BEST friend in Canada! It is SO nice to see each other and visit but I really wish we were closer!! It was also MUCH cooler weather than Utah which was nice to get away from the heat for a few days!

It was also Millie's first trip and first plane ride so I took A LOT of pictures!

We had a blast! Allison's kids are SO cute and grow TOO much each time we go without seeing each other for so long, which is unfortunately only about once a year... This year we will be lucky enough to see each other twice...Can't wait!

We talked, shopped, ate, talked, and ate some more!!

We don't have to do much to have fun! She is the kind of friend I can sit on the couch with and talk for hours about nothing and everything!! Love those kind of friends!!

Love you and miss you already Romeril family! Thanks for sharing your wife with me Chad.. And Brielle, thanks for letting me play with your mom!(for some reason every time we are together we forget to take a picture of just us... Dang it!)

But it's nice to be home!! Until next time!!

Millie RUNNING through the airport!
Our airplane!
We got to walk out to the runway to board our plane.. It was a little plane.
Millie's first airplane ride!
Enjoying the snacks and drinks!
Looking at the little world below!
The I-pod was a life saver!
Millie and Addy thought that Colm would want a few nuts and raisins!
This picture cracks me up! look at the trail mix surrounding him and on his chest...He looks really happy about it!
Millie loading him up with more!
Little Diva babies!
doing a little side walk chalk art!
Brielle showing off her tricks!
Addy LOVED my hair!! She must have brushed and touched it 150 times a day!
She would stroke it any chance she got.. And if Brielle would get near it (because she loved it as well) Addy would YELL and her and push her away!
A little driving!
Best buddies!
The group minus Jake.. Brielle was wishing he would have come! (next time)
The little princess!
Lover girls!
Playing a little slap game!!
Taking a kissing break!
The babies really LOVED each other!!!
Brielle thought it was so neat that Millie could sign....She sat with my sign book and read, and read.. She actually memorized a lot of signs!
Pretty sure they were dreaming of being outside!

All things must come to an end... If anyone needs a good distraction this is it!!

Millie must have buckled and unbuckled the seat belt 100 times! Good this an extra seat was open!

Checking things out!
At this point she was 8 hours into the day with NO nap! She looks SO tired! Poor girl!
Love this picture!!! Look at the man in the background!! He was actually SO nice and played with Millie the whole ride.. Well most of it anyways!!