Monday, October 10, 2011

PuMpKiN craft time!

** Close your eyes mom... This is part of your birthday gift:)**
Bend dryer vent into a circle and tuck into the other end

spray paint color of choice
Add a little Spanish moss, a cinnamon stick, and some ribbon
and Wallahhh you have a cute decoration (3 for about $10)
Perfect for fall!

* side note... I used a 8 foot piece of duct at walmart for $7. I found a 20 foot piece on Amazon for $10.
so I can do 6-7 pumpkins for the price I did 3. Order from amazon!
But you'll probably need some more paint:)


St. Julien's said...

those are way cute. i just might make them...ya right. i wish i would!

PiccaDilly said...

Too late!